Thank you for visiting The Queen Life online. The Lord’s opened doors to minister. Follow the links to the YouTube videos. God bless you!

Capacity Series (click here)

Advent Devotionals (click here)

Dallas Prayer Clinic 2014– Highlights (click here)

Wailing Women’s Conference 2014

Message: The Role of Prayer in Walking in Your Destiny (click here)

Renewed Life Church, Bitter to Better Series

Message: Part Three, You’ve Got to Do it for you (click here)

Promised Help (a 5-part series)

Message: Part One, Settle the Issue of Belief (click here)

Message: Part Two, Be Persuaded (click here)

Message: Part Three, Perspective (click here)

Message: Part Four, Having a Prayer Vision (click here)

Message: Part Five, Psalm 91 and Prayer (click here)

Renewed Life Church, 1st Church Anniversary

Message: Go the Second Mile in Agreement with God (click here)


Activation Prayer (click here)

Prayer for Men & Husbands (click here)

Women at the Well 2012, Morning Intercession (click here)

Women at the Well 2012, Evening Sacrifice Intercession (click here)

Pastoral Installation (click here)

Prayer of Thanksgiving & Worship (click here)

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