~Esther’s Call I & II

Esther’s Call is the series of lessons based on the life and example of Queen Esther from the Book of Esther. Below are the links to Esther’s Call I and Esther’s Call II. Parts of Esther’s story are more familiar than others, depending on the teaching received or research completed. The focus is life application, so there is more emphasis on what today’s Kingdom queen can learn and live than there is overall on historical context, fact finding and even the Jewish perspective. I recommend starting with the earliest lessons and working your way ahead.

Lessons from Esther’s Call I

A Time Appointed

Starting Point

Submission-Esther IN Authority

Submission-Esther UNDER Authority

The Command for Purity

The Purpose of Purity

Oil of Myrrh

Sweet Odors

Hegai & The People’s Favor

The King’s Favor

The House Royal

The Royal Crown

Lessons from Esther’s Call II

Links to these calls also accompany the blogs under the Esther’s Call title (left menu). Please note that one of the major differences between the Esther’s Call I and II series is time. Esther’s Call II lessons will likely go longer than 30 minutes–not too much longer, but it will be time well spent.


Resistance & Righteousness

The Power of the Written Word incl Prayer

Retained by Grace and Favor

Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 1

Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 2

Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 3

Greatness in the House of the King


The Spoil

The Power of Remembering

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