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Every Lie Isn’t Spoken (reflection)

We live what we believe, even if we’ve yet to identify clearly our beliefs.  Behavior follows belief, so all we do is rooted in what we believe.  As disciples of Christ, we live off of His word. We do our best to sit under… Continue Reading “Every Lie Isn’t Spoken (reflection)”

Keep Your Grip on Truth (prayer call w/recording)

My gracious, thank you Lord for TRUTH. We looked at Proverbs 8:33 and Luke 8:16-18 in the New American Standard Bible (NASB) and the Amplified Bible. Our prayer focus was that the Father help us stay committed to TRUTH. Heed [hear with attention or… Continue Reading “Keep Your Grip on Truth (prayer call w/recording)”

Oh, Mercy Mercy (to) Me

Click here to listen: Living the Character of Mercy Here’s a recap. #1 – Mercy is for all.  Luke 6:36 – Be ye therefore merciful, as your Father is merciful Exodus 33:19 – He will shew mercy on whom He will shew mercy. 1 Timothy… Continue Reading “Oh, Mercy Mercy (to) Me”

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