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Let Me Be Great

Jesus took the request of two disciples and made it a teachable moment for all (Matt. 20:20-24). He contrasts the greatness of the Gentiles with a new idea for greatness in his kingdom. But Jesus called them and said, “You know that the rulers… Continue Reading “Let Me Be Great”

Your Purpose Belongs to Others

Consider the following before responding. How important is your obedience to you? In other words, do you love others enough to obey God? The same love we express to God through our obedience ministers truth to others. Our obedience expresses love to God, and… Continue Reading “Your Purpose Belongs to Others”

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Angel Jones

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Watchman Prophet

"In the darkness of night, I wait expectantly for understanding and knowledge for your people."

ladies loving god by Tonika Breeden

Rooted Grounded Fixed and Founded in the Love of God

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