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Let Me Be Great

Jesus took the request of two disciples and made it a teachable moment for all (Matt. 20:20-24). He contrasts the greatness of the Gentiles with a new idea for greatness in his kingdom. But Jesus called them and said, “You know that the rulers… Continue Reading “Let Me Be Great”

A Note to Pastors: Why Your Prayer Teams Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic

Good day to all. As we prepareĀ for the June 21st Dallas Prayer Clinic, I want to put pastors (and truth be told, some prayer leaders and teams) at ease about the content in the clinic. Why? Because I know many of you don’t know… Continue Reading “A Note to Pastors: Why Your Prayer Teams Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic”

Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!

Kingdom Queens, I’ve been thinking about you and praying with/for you. It’s amazing to consider, especially in lonely moments, how many of us are making an impact through our obedience all over the world. Have you thought about your reach lately while working on… Continue Reading “Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!”

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