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Jealousy Divides Community

First Corinthians chapter three is one of my favorite passages in scripture. It’s one of those passages that is crystal clear — no mystery or wondering about what’s meant. Let’s look at the first five verses. 1¬†Dear brothers and sisters, when I was with… Continue Reading “Jealousy Divides Community”

How Culture Promotes Toxicity

Kingdom citizens,¬† God bless you wherever this post finds you! Today I want to share a snippet from my reading. This semester I am to write two chapters of the dissertation (pray!). One aspect I plan to cover is toxic leadership and behaviors in… Continue Reading “How Culture Promotes Toxicity”

What’s the difference? (wife vs. concubine)

Let me just say that this lesson was a bit of a “sneak attack”. I did not know until we were on the teaching call how heavy this topic is…it sat on us, and led us to more self assessment. Hopefully you appreciate eliminating… Continue Reading “What’s the difference? (wife vs. concubine)”

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