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The Scorner’s Redemptive Return

Click here to listen: How the Scorner Returns to God Kingdom Queens, we closed the book on the seat of the scornful in our last call. We discovered the three biblical responses to the scorner, and then found the redemptive road for the scorner back… Continue Reading “The Scorner’s Redemptive Return”

On Staying Seated

Reminders hit me over the last few days from the Queen Life Live event that forced me to slow down and meditate. The Lord’s been educating us on how to avoid the seat of the scornful…how to better guard our hearts…how to maintain awareness… Continue Reading “On Staying Seated”

The Scorner in Relationship (a devotion)

Good day, Kingdom Queens! I told you I was coming upon verses in Bible study…well, while we continue mining the Word on the spirit of the scorner and the seat of the scornful this one hit me. Proverbs 24:9 says,  The thought of foolishness… Continue Reading “The Scorner in Relationship (a devotion)”

A Seat without Wisdom

To the righteous, the scorner speaks a foreign language. The inference is that scorning is not what the righteous do. Once we embrace our new nature in Christ, attempts to talk like before, while doable by act of will are not natural anymore. Let’s… Continue Reading “A Seat without Wisdom”

A Seat that Waits on Judgment

Kingdom Queens, We continue to make our case for avoiding the seat of the scornful. First, we move aside to avoid cycles — if we scorn God will scorn us back (Proverbs 3:34). Second, we avoid scorn because it causes God to deal with… Continue Reading “A Seat that Waits on Judgment”

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