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Living the Character of Judgment

Well, Kingdom Queens, we’ve come to the end of this road on queenly character. Soon our focus shifts to another aspect of royal living. This final character we consider how to live is judgment. Deborah (Judges 4) introduced us to this queenly characteristic, and… Continue Reading “Living the Character of Judgment”

Rule well, royal one

Kingdom Queen, I sat with my father this evening and watched a documentary on the life of Pastor Donnie McClurkin. My eyes welled up at the telling of several key moments in his life. During footage of him preaching and sharing part of his… Continue Reading “Rule well, royal one”

Prayer, part one

Prayer is central to royal living because it keeps us connected to the King. By it we learn to hear well so we can do well. We learn his heart for needs and things that may not be a concern to us now, but… Continue Reading “Prayer, part one”

For Women of God Everywhere

Click here to listen:¬†For Women of God Everywhere As a kickoff to the Queenly Character series, we opened the line for a Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call. What a blessing it was, and we are so grateful for the presence of God that endorsed this… Continue Reading “For Women of God Everywhere”

Queenly Character Series Begins Nov. 6th!

Good day, Kingdom Queens! This month, please mark two dates (or save them in your phones): November 6th and November 20th. November 6th: Begins our series on Queenly Character. 8PM Central. (218) 862-6400, code 6360503. [Note: If you enter the code too quickly, you… Continue Reading “Queenly Character Series Begins Nov. 6th!”

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