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Sweet Dreams – An Object Lesson in Willingness

Click here to view the promo: Sweet Dreams You know, sometimes other people can see in you an ability that is literally beyond you. My mother and one of my most faithful intercessors were uber-excited (that’s like “very excited”) when I told them last… Continue Reading “Sweet Dreams – An Object Lesson in Willingness”

Routed and Retained

I am a person of order. I thrive in order, meaning I like to know the plan. Spontaneous people sometimes grate me because they want to “flow” all the time. Not me–I need the plan. This also means that I struggle with chaos–those times… Continue Reading “Routed and Retained”

I’m on Assignment

As we continue to follow the Path to Reigning, I want to announce we are moving from purpose management…BACK to ESTHER’S CALL! Yes, the teaching calls are returning. This is exciting because we began almost three years ago with the Esther 2 study. This… Continue Reading “I’m on Assignment”

Yours and Yours Alone

Not long ago I had a conversation with a lady who tends to give herself completely when she commits to a person or a thing (e.g., event, organization, etc.). Sound familiar? Well, she was part of an event planning team and called me to… Continue Reading “Yours and Yours Alone”

Your Purpose Belongs to Others

Consider the following before responding. How important is your obedience to you? In other words, do you love others enough to obey God? The same love we express to God through our obedience ministers truth to others. Our obedience expresses love to God, and… Continue Reading “Your Purpose Belongs to Others”

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