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Love Builds a Roof, pt. 3

What image comes to mind when you think about your relationship with God? What is the visual in your mind’s eye when you approach Him to pray? I know people who think of the cross, and see themselves bringing their concerns and entering into… Continue Reading “Love Builds a Roof, pt. 3”

Refuse the Wicked Heart

Click here to listen:¬†Refuse the Wicked Heart This ends the unit on Avoiding the Heart of the Wicked Queen. Our example is Simon the Sorcerer in Acts 8. What we learn about him gives more insight into the wicked heart, and what we refuse… Continue Reading “Refuse the Wicked Heart”

Lord, Make Me Immune

Click here to listen:¬†Immunity This lesson is part of the unit on avoiding the heart of the wicked queen. That said, let me first secure our foundation with those who are tempted to argue the promises of tribulation and trouble. Yes, “Man that is… Continue Reading “Lord, Make Me Immune”

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