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Intercessory Prayer Teams Work Like a Staffed Operating Room

Praying People, I want to share this metaphor of the prayer team as the staff in an operating room. Intercessory prayer in the local church is a TEAM MINISTRY. It is different from an individual’s invitation from Holy Spirit to case-by-case intercession. Prayer teams…

Prayer for Pastors, Men & Husbands (report, w/photos)

Good day to all, and thank you for joining us in body and in spirit at today’s 8AM prayer. What a blessing.  For those of you who serve in prayer ministry, you know how excited we were to have MEN and little men with…

A Note to Prayer Teams: Why You Should Attend the Dallas Prayer Clinic

Although some may not admit it, just as there is a “code” among preachers on their respective “circuits,” there is a code among prayer ministries in the local church. It’s kind of sad on one hand because in the name of discernment some pure…

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