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The Scorner’s Redemptive Return

Click here to listen:¬†How the Scorner Returns to God Kingdom Queens, we closed the book on the seat of the scornful in our last call. We discovered the three biblical responses to the scorner, and then found the redemptive road for the scorner back… Continue Reading “The Scorner’s Redemptive Return”

Prayer Call – Seat of the Scornful

Click here to listen:A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call Praise the Lord for His mercy! He met us on the prayer line and accepted our confession and repentance. Then, He led us into intercession for those sisters who remain at rest in the seat of… Continue Reading “Prayer Call – Seat of the Scornful”

A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call

Well, Kingdom Queens, we’re back on the line TOMORROW, SEPTEMBER 3RD at 8PM Central. Join us for prayer. We will present ourselves to the Father, and deal with the things that tempt us to sit in the seat of the scornful. Thank you for… Continue Reading “A Kingdom Queen’s Prayer Call”

Certificates of Queenly Character

Certificates are issued to show a person completed the requirements of a field and may now practice. They indicate an end of training, and a beginning of application. Today is like that…I feel like we receive certificates of queenly character. The Lord releases us… Continue Reading “Certificates of Queenly Character”

Living the Character of Supplication

Click here to listen:¬†Living Supplication We looked a little closer at Hannah’s prayer, and at our external and internal Peninnah. Wow! Kingdom Queens, let’s learn to pray for ourselves, to invest the kind of time and energy (fervent prayer) and effort (study, fasting, preparation)… Continue Reading “Living the Character of Supplication”

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