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Prayer Watches

Good day to all. Since the June 2014 prayer clinic, the Lord’s allowed us to continue in monthly prayer meetings for pastors. This month we will host the prayer meeting during the 7th watch. If you’re in or near the Dallas area, please join… Continue Reading “Prayer Watches”

My little lesson on confirmation…

God has spoken once, I heard it twice: strength belongs to God. Psalm 62:11 CJB “God is not obligated to repeat Himself.” — Bishop I. V. Hilliard Requiring repeated confirmation means I don’t┬ábelieve God. (paraphrased, Pastor Tamara Bennett) Whatever route you take concerning confirmation… Continue Reading “My little lesson on confirmation…”

Scot Loyd

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Angel Jones

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Watchman Prophet

"In the darkness of night, I wait expectantly for understanding and knowledge for your people."

ladies loving god by Tonika Breeden

Rooted Grounded Fixed and Founded in the Love of God

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