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Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)

I do my best to keep my personal and public prayer life about my relationship with God. I’m not addicted to the “spinning wheel” practice of prayer — truly. You can tell the people who do not know me by how they describe me.… Continue Reading “Vroom, Vroom (my little tribute to the bikers)”

Lord, increase our hunger for You (day 1 of 10, 5/29/14)

Listen to the prayer call here. Welcome to our 10 days of prayer for the Body of Christ! Our journey begins Thursday, May 29th at 6am Central Time (7am Eastern Time). The prayer focuses will go out starting today, so you can prepare for… Continue Reading “Lord, increase our hunger for You (day 1 of 10, 5/29/14)”

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