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Trend Setters

Another thing about NEW, is that it’s only new to us. The great comfort of the unknown, unheard-of, and unprecedented, is that God is never surprised. The amazingness of Advent is that God is the thread that connects us all in time. He is… Continue Reading “Trend Setters”

Remember the Look of New

new (adj.) 1 taking the place of one that came before; syn. makeshift, substitute. 2 not known or experienced before; syn. fresh, novel, original, strange, unaccustomed, unfamiliar, unheard-of, unknown, unprecedented. Merriam-webster thesaurus There’s this initial “bells and whistles” excitement about new things. New people,… Continue Reading “Remember the Look of New”

Full Detachment from the Familiar

Royal Ones,  The familiar is comfortable, even if it’s unhealthy. It creates a kind of cushion and insulation to stay in it because we know it. We know the good seasons and predict the bad seasons. We develop habits and rhythms, all based on what’s familiar.… Continue Reading “Full Detachment from the Familiar”

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