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Which is Your Wilderness

When we refer to a “wilderness experience” these days the general meaning leans toward separation, trial, testing and proving. God, as our governor, oversees our development in wisdom and understanding. He shows us who we really are and has a specific lesson for us… Continue Reading “Which is Your Wilderness”

Rejecting God’s Purpose (an introspection)

The disciples of John the Baptist come to Jesus at John’s request in Luke 7:18-24 to make sure Jesus is the end of their search. Jesus sent them back to John with the report of those formerly blind, lame, sick, deaf, dead, and poor… Continue Reading “Rejecting God’s Purpose (an introspection)”

Has He Found Your Faith? (meditation)

Still on my journey with Apostle Luke, 7:1-35 halts me. There are three accounts in this passage — the healing of the centurion’s servant (vv. 1-10), the raising of the widow’s son at Nain (vv. 11-17), and the confrontation with John the Baptist’s disciples… Continue Reading “Has He Found Your Faith? (meditation)”

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