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The Law of Kindness (CrownShine)

No one likes a wicked queen…and while obedience is primary, kindness counts because it sweetens legacy. After months of meditation and listening, this is our first Tarn-X and CLR stop — at kindness. Growing up I heard quite a bit that little girls are… Continue Reading “The Law of Kindness (CrownShine)”

Love is kind

I had an experience with Luke 6 a few years ago, and each time I hear this verse or reread it I feel the impact of that revelation all over again. It was a revelation of God’s kindness to all.  But love your enemies,… Continue Reading “Love is kind”

Love Plumps Up…(suffers long and is kind)

Recently, I shared my little plan…I called it a dual phase of building. While we study queenly character we will also study 1 Corinthians 13. We will address love as a motivation serving through godly character. We began with the “a clause” of 1 Corinthians… Continue Reading “Love Plumps Up…(suffers long and is kind)”

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