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Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!

Kingdom Queens, I’ve been thinking about you and praying with/for you. It’s amazing to consider, especially in lonely moments, how many of us are making an impact through our obedience all over the world. Have you thought about your reach lately while working on… Continue Reading “Oh, Gifted Girl, Where are You?!”

Best Effort

Kingdom Queens, One question — are you giving your best effort? Not — overdoing overcommitting burning the candle at both ends complaining creatively avoiding point at another’s under par effort But — maximizing time praying and planning challenging fears and weaknesses refining vision learning… Continue Reading “Best Effort”

Hey Gifted Girl, You are more…

Good day to all. What I am about to say has been rolling around in my head for several days, and I am aware that it may just be my opinion or soapbox. But, I don’t think so. If it encourages you, then amen.… Continue Reading “Hey Gifted Girl, You are more…”

dear gifted girl,

Dear Gifted Girl, I thought of you today…I mulled over how much you’ve added this year — to people, to places, and projects of all kinds. You’ve shared your wisdom and experience from the lessons you learned, sometimes as learning was happening. The pressure… Continue Reading “dear gifted girl,”

Keep Your Divine Deposit

Kingdom Queens, We continue our study on the strange woman this Tuesday, November 5th at 8PM Central. Honestly, I did not know when we began that this study would become the Lord’s warning and exhortation to pursue wisdom. I’m telling you, there is a… Continue Reading “Keep Your Divine Deposit”

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