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The Power of One Word

This past weekend I was privileged to attend a one-day conference for women, many of whom gave their testimony before a large group for the first time. The love and support was palpable for those courageous women who took a risk and offered a… Continue Reading “The Power of One Word”

Hey Gifted Girl, let me remind you…

(This may be the shortest blog I have written or will ever write.) I want you to know, dear Gifted Girl, that wherever you are in the world right now wherever you are reading this little note you are not invisible. not now, not… Continue Reading “Hey Gifted Girl, let me remind you…”

Hey Gifted Girl, “late” is subjective…

While encouraging myself this morning I thought about you, and I want to encourage you.  You. are not. late. There! Somebody’s said it…spoken it aloud! Acceleration is happening, and this time it’s for us. For whatever reason, the Father chose to give us years… Continue Reading “Hey Gifted Girl, “late” is subjective…”

Hey Gifted Girl, You are more…

Good day to all. What I am about to say has been rolling around in my head for several days, and I am aware that it may just be my opinion or soapbox. But, I don’t think so. If it encourages you, then amen.… Continue Reading “Hey Gifted Girl, You are more…”

dear gifted girl,

Dear Gifted Girl, I thought of you today…I mulled over how much you’ve added this year — to people, to places, and projects of all kinds. You’ve shared your wisdom and experience from the lessons you learned, sometimes as learning was happening. The pressure… Continue Reading “dear gifted girl,”

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