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Containment Protocols (Esther’s Call)

Dear Candidate, I prayed for you. Well, I prayed for US. I prayed that God work His will and providence in our stories. I prayed for Ahasuerus to submit to the trouble and experience God. I prayed that we hold fast to Mordecai’s revelations… Continue Reading “Containment Protocols (Esther’s Call)”

The Esther Effect, pt. 1

Esther is not the model for the overachiever. She represents self-confidence, not personal effort to overcome inferiority complexes. Reigning in life as Christ’s ambassador means impact — His through us, not our own works. We cannot escape Christ’s purpose in coming for and to… Continue Reading “The Esther Effect, pt. 1”

The Spoil

Click here to listen to this teaching:┬áThe Spoil [There was a bit of technical difficulty with this recording, so I had to record again. My apologies for the delay.] Guiding Principle: Sometimes the victory is in seeing the hand or work of God prevail.… Continue Reading “The Spoil”

For Your Consideration…(a thought about impact)

Impact. It means collision, or the force created by a collision. It is the effect or impression of one thing on another. It is the power of making a strong or immediate impression. One of the joys of being an “idea person” is learning… Continue Reading “For Your Consideration…(a thought about impact)”

Not a Candidate Anymore (Your Revealed Enemy, pt. 3)

Opening Prayer Your Revealed Enemy, Pt. 3 When I grew up I heard frequently that it’s not what I said, it’s how I said it that matters most. It’s not what I do, but how I do it. Now I know that it’s both.… Continue Reading “Not a Candidate Anymore (Your Revealed Enemy, pt. 3)”

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