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Certificates of Queenly Character

Certificates are issued to show a person completed the requirements of a field and may now practice. They indicate an end of training, and a beginning of application. Today is like that…I feel like we receive certificates of queenly character. The Lord releases us… Continue Reading “Certificates of Queenly Character”

Living the Character of Petition

Click here to listen: Living the Character of Petition We introduced this queenly characteristic with the daughters of Zelophehad in Numbers 27:1-11. Through their legitimacy, their regard for order, their bravery and their boldness we learned the nature and definition of petition: To ask… Continue Reading “Living the Character of Petition”

Petition through Pressure

Good day to all! April is proving itself as a fresh month. There is fresh wind, fresh oil, fresh strength for the journey. I for one am glad about it! It’s a blessing and proof of God’s involvement that these queenly character teachings are… Continue Reading “Petition through Pressure”

The April Prayer Appeal

Good day, Kingdom Queens! There is a call to prayer this month that we’ve not received before in The Queen Life. Praise God for it. We will meet each Tuesday this month to meet the assignment. Whenever you can make the calls, you are… Continue Reading “The April Prayer Appeal”

A Midstream Reminder (queenly character)

Good day, Kingdom Queens! One month down…how is your crown? your fruit? your purpose management? What you done…accomplished…finished? This can be in any area: home, family, business, ministry, service, etc. Consider Isaiah 1:18-20. Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though… Continue Reading “A Midstream Reminder (queenly character)”

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