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The Concubine Conclusion

Good day to all. I want to (try to) wrap up this lesson unit on avoiding the seat of the concubine. There are a LOT that we did not get to, as the Lord changed the direction of the wind. August begins our next… Continue Reading “The Concubine Conclusion”

I started a lady, & ended a concubine (#reclaim)

Good day to all. Join us tomorrow, Tuesday, July 1st at 8PM CENTRAL (9pm EST) for The Queen Life Teaching Call. Dial in at (862) 902-0241 and use access code 6360503. We will look at Tamar (both of them) and what happens when you are… Continue Reading “I started a lady, & ended a concubine (#reclaim)”

The Power of Choice

Click here to listen: The Power of Choice This lesson concluded our close-up view of the Ephraim Levite and his concubine in Judges chapters 19, 20 and 21. We considered the basic difference between a wife and a concubine: betrothal and the husband’s written… Continue Reading “The Power of Choice”

The Battle of Gibeah (more ironies)

Click here to listen: The Battle of Gibeah At the end of chapter 19 the Levite cut the concubine in 12 pieces and sent them to the tribes of Israel. We moved ahead to Judges 20 for this lesson, and the nation of Israel gathered… Continue Reading “The Battle of Gibeah (more ironies)”

The Irony of the Levite

Remember, the backdrop to the story of the Levite from Ephraim and his concubine (Judges 19-21) was that there was no king in Israel. God’s government was rejected and the people led themselves. This one thing helps us understand the impact and influence of… Continue Reading “The Irony of the Levite”

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