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LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Bodily Intercession Class

Register today or sponsor someone for The Queen Life’s 2015 Annual Fall Class! Here are your options —  REGISTRATION FOR LIVE CLASS ($40) Sign up to attend October 17th OR October 24th Same content delivered on two separate dates PHONE PARTICIPATION ON OCTOBER 17TH ($25)… Continue Reading “LAST DAY TO REGISTER: Bodily Intercession Class”

Media Options for Bodily Intercession Class!

Good day, Royal Ones! This is to respond to inquiries about live streaming, DVD packaging, etc. We are still working out the strategy, but I want you to have time to work the best plan for you. Live Streaming — That is in the… Continue Reading “Media Options for Bodily Intercession Class!”

Bodily Intercession (Consideration #3: It All Points to Jesus)

Good day, Royal Ones! REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN FOR THE ANNUAL FALL CLASS. Thank you for signing up! THERE ARE ONLY 30 SEATS AVAILABLE IN EACH SESSION — Saturdays, October 17th and 24th! ONLY PAID REGISTRATIONS SECURE YOUR SPOT. Use this PayPal link to register. This… Continue Reading “Bodily Intercession (Consideration #3: It All Points to Jesus)”

Bodily Intercession (Consideration #2: Know Your Weaknesses)

Good day, Royal Ones! This week I want to offer the second consideration in bodily intercession. That is, to know our weaknesses or triggers. Knowledge of our limits, weaknesses and vulnerable points gives us an advantage over our enemy. How? Well, because God’s strength is made… Continue Reading “Bodily Intercession (Consideration #2: Know Your Weaknesses)”

Bodily Intercession (Consideration #1: Know Your Pains)

Good day, Royal Ones! Let’s begin with a review of our working definition of bodily intercession. Intercession is Spirit-led ministry where we enter “the gap” for a person, a people, a place or a cause and we pray God’s heart or desired end. It is… Continue Reading “Bodily Intercession (Consideration #1: Know Your Pains)”

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