Midrash 2020!!

The spring class is now online. No registration required. What I need you to do is subscribe to The Bereans’ Commentary YouTube page.

Sabbath Teaching: Apostle Karlene Gaines, leader of The Kingdom Tabernacle, will present a teaching on the Sabbath — what it is, why it is significant, and how it is observed. The original plan was to meet in person, and have attendees share a Sabbath meal together. Now, she will record the teaching and we will upload to TBC YouTube page.

Midrash Study: I learned about midrash study last year and started reading up. I found a wonderful book called Practicing Midrash: Reading the Bible’s Arguments as an Invitation to Conversation by F. Timothy Moore (2018). The Apostles Chase and I will pick a few chapters from the book and share/explain the important points. What is important to understand about midrash at the outset, is that it is a method of bible study that takes the fear out of addressing the contradictions. Or, what seem like contradicting and opposing passages. There is a benefit to knowing more about the history of biblical texts, along with the culture of the time, that help us see God better and as a result see ourselves better.

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