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Registration, January Seminar for Bible Teachers

We’re discussing how to conduct a midrash! Let’s make smooth transitions from lecture to facilitated and progressive discussions (and even debates!) about God’s Word. Let’s learn to create substantive take-aways for our learners!



In 2021, I have the honor of hosting bible teachers for a time of community and gift sharpening. All the information you need is on the flyer below. Please, prayerfully consider joining us.

Of the fivefold offices, the teacher may get the biggest snub. We have lessons to share, and powerful truths from God to communicate. But, we may not be preachy, or have the charismatic flair that is celebrated in some apostles, prophets, and pastors. This seminar series is designed to encourage teaching gifts in the Lord’s church. My hope and prayer is that we take on or increase our confidence in the Lord’s call to teach his people.

February 2021 Seminar: Office of the Teacher

We will dig in to the gift of the teacher and the service of teaching in the Lord’s church. From calling to operation, we will gain understanding and perspective about what it means to be a teacher. By His Spirit, the Lord chooses how we will serve him and teaching is an honor. Here is a short clip from this session.

June 2021 Seminar: Knowledge Transfers

This seminar is dedicated to teaching best practices for any audience. We will share success stories and offer suggestions for ideas in process. If you want to develop some teaching versatility, then please consider signing up.

Here are a couple of clips from our guests, Elder Willetta Dunning, founder of the Moving Forward Women’s Ministry and Minister Jessica Carney, youth and young adult ministry leader.

Elder Willetta Dunning
Minister Jessica Carney

October 2021 Seminar: Subject Teaching

This seminar is special to me because I know how it feels to be boxed in by people who think I can only teach one thing. I am known for prayer, and because of that, most of my ministry invitations are to pray or teach on prayer. For a long while I fought it and was insulted by it because I kept saying, “I can teach on more subjects!” Then I made peace with it, leaned in, and decided to develop different ways to teach on prayer. (And I still broke through that boxed in feeling!) Plan to join us if you want to stretch yourself in your presentations on one subject.

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