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Prepare Our Hearts for Harvest (prayer call)

Well, Royal Ones, we made it to the conclusion of the Fruitful Vines Prayer Call Series. Thank you for joining, listening and sharing these prayer calls. Based on Acts 14:16-17, we obeyed Holy Spirit’s leading to command harvest for the disciples of Jesus Christ. … Continue Reading “Prepare Our Hearts for Harvest (prayer call)”

Prayer to Reward Faithfulness (prayer call)

Kingdom Greetings, Royal Ones! Click here to listen to this prayer call. Let the Kingdom Faithful rejoice! This is OUR call for this season to produce rewards. Years ago, Bro. Jonathan Suber preached a message called “The Ministry of the Mundane.” He emphasized faithfulness… Continue Reading “Prayer to Reward Faithfulness (prayer call)”

Prayer for Boundaried Lives (midnight prayer call)

Good day, Royal Ones! We prayed for pastors and shepherds to live with Godly boundaries. Please click here to listen to this prayer. Scriptural Prayer Support: Ephesians 5:1-13 Prayer points included the following — Cause them to value God’s divine deposit in them Bring… Continue Reading “Prayer for Boundaried Lives (midnight prayer call)”

Prayer for “Border” Issues (prayer call)

My gracious, what an incredible prayer call! Thank you Lord for moving these cases FORWARD! Listen here. We covered the following border issues, and the contentions that created these separations: Body of Christ – wounds caused by church splits, leaders’ egos, new plans, and… Continue Reading “Prayer for “Border” Issues (prayer call)”

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