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This is a place where young women in their 20s can consider (hopefully!) the suggestions of those in their 30s, 40s, and beyond for a better quality of life now.

Prayer Precedes Selection (#20somethings)

Ladies, I pray you do not feel neglected; you are on my mind almost daily. There are so many things I want to share with you, but appropriately, so that you receive them and do not feel attacked. I spend lots of time thinking… Continue Reading “Prayer Precedes Selection (#20somethings)”

You are no Ventriloquist. I am no dentist.

My dear 20-something sister, Learn now to use your words. It is easy when ill or stressed or not getting your way to just clam up. It can be more work just to talk some days. I get that. It happens to us all. … Continue Reading “You are no Ventriloquist. I am no dentist.”

Mutual Investment

Good day, my sister 20-somethings! Just a thought to consider… always be aware of the investment you make in people, places and things. In the last few days I gained some understanding about a few experiences and it prompted me to consider the evenness… Continue Reading “Mutual Investment”

Be a Quick Study (#20somethings)

Just a thought — when it’s time to learn the lesson, learn it. Please. I mean, really….just learn it.  Don’t argue about the point of the lesson — there may be many points. Don’t point your finger and blame the one used to teach… Continue Reading “Be a Quick Study (#20somethings)”

On Defending Yourself (#20somethings)

Hello Ladies,  I know it’s been a minute, but I want to be deliberate in what to share with you…the last thing I want is for our (mine and all the ladies who contributed wisdom to share with you) good to be perceived as… Continue Reading “On Defending Yourself (#20somethings)”

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