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A Seat that Waits on Judgment

Kingdom Queens, We continue to make our case for avoiding the seat of the scornful. First, we move aside to avoid cycles — if we scorn God will scorn us back (Proverbs 3:34). Second, we avoid scorn because it causes God to deal with… Continue Reading “A Seat that Waits on Judgment”

A Seat in a Distant Place

Kingdom Queens! As we meditate on the seat of the scornful, and how to avoid it, the first reason offers great motivation — If we scorn we reap scorn directly from God (Proverbs 3:34). We established that it takes a proud heart to scorn,… Continue Reading “A Seat in a Distant Place”

A Seat of Cycles

Good day, Kingdom Queens. We continue with another portion of the lesson on “Avoiding the Seat of the Scornful”. First we considered Psalm 1:1, and not taking a rest in an environment where mockers gather as a “foundation”. Now, let’s make the case —… Continue Reading “A Seat of Cycles”

The Seat of the Scornful

The first seat we examine in this new series is the SEAT OF THE SCORNFUL. This was also the focus of The Queen Life Live event, and the Lord taught His people about the scorner. This and the next several entries will put us… Continue Reading “The Seat of the Scornful”

Mission Accomplished (at least for now)

One week later, and life goes on. We keep reading, keep seeking, keep watching for the movement of God’s hand. We continue to fast, and pray, and be faithful stewards of what God’s put in our hands to do. But me, I think I’m… Continue Reading “Mission Accomplished (at least for now)”

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