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This series of lessons is about the infamous “process”. You know, that thing we all talk about but have no constant grip on because it is customized to each of us while we search for common threads. Well, this session presents some things that are common to all of us on our path to reigning with Christ in the earth.

Governing Values

For as many people as I ask “What are your values,” there is likely a different set of answers. And that is fine. The issue I take (and hence, the focus of this next session on the Path) is that we live what we… Continue Reading “Governing Values”

Putting Your Purpose in Order

Session One went beautifully! Thank you to all who logged on and dialed in for the beginning of The Path to Reigning series. Prayerfully, you are able to open the slide presentation and two activity pages. Familiarize yourself with the five foundation principles…we will… Continue Reading “Putting Your Purpose in Order”

Your Purpose is NOT Your Identity

The countdown is on to the Path to Reigning Series! I want to give you a preview of our first session on purpose statements. Have you heard this statement: You are not what you do? I have and it puzzled me. I am linked… Continue Reading “Your Purpose is NOT Your Identity”

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