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This series of lessons is about the infamous “process”. You know, that thing we all talk about but have no constant grip on because it is customized to each of us while we search for common threads. Well, this session presents some things that are common to all of us on our path to reigning with Christ in the earth.

Faith for All Conditions

The Lord allowed me an opportunity once to preach a message from Ecclesiastes 3 titled “A God for All Times”. In all the times of our lives, God is present and constant. We go through changes, but He changes not. Bonhoeffer explains that our… Continue Reading “Faith for All Conditions”

A Successful Warfare (or, avoiding shipwrecked faith)

It is likely my task as a scribal prophet that inspires my (over) emphasis on the “record”. That is, when God speaks there should be a record. A written record. Something to go back to when circumstances challenge faith. Visual learners will excel here.… Continue Reading “A Successful Warfare (or, avoiding shipwrecked faith)”

Rule #1

Yesterday I walked through an amazing door to assist Kingdom Queens with defining and moving toward vision. It was such a blessing! After, on the drive home, I thought about how much many of us are called (or feel we are called) to do,… Continue Reading “Rule #1”

Give the Gift of Advantage

Good day to all. One of the books I’m reading now (yes, I’m one of those people) is a biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas. It’s like reading one of the gospels…hmm, it’s exactly like reading the gospels! Wow. Anyway, I came upon… Continue Reading “Give the Gift of Advantage”

On the making of a leader…

Pastor Brian R. Nelson, Sr., senior leader of the Jericho City COGIC — the Church of Champions, taught what amounted to an amazing leadership training. The scripture focus was John 14:12, and the message titled “Greater Works”. Here’s what the verse says: Truly, truly,… Continue Reading “On the making of a leader…”

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