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Shakespeare writes in Henry the Fourth something that with alteration has become a common phrase. What the King says in the play is “uneasy lies the head that wears the crown”. In a kind of play on this, “Crowns” is a set of teachings on royal (queenly) character.

The Gifted Girl, part one

This is both a tribute and an expose’…almost a manifesto. Please, take no offense at the use of “girl”. I like alliteration and “gifted girl” flows a bit better than “gifted lady” or “gifted woman”. I offer the following to build context around the upcoming… Continue Reading “The Gifted Girl, part one”

The Character of Prudence

Click here to listen to the teaching:  The Character of Prudence Thank you for joining us for the initial lesson on Prudence. Wow, what a blessing. We began in Proverbs 19:14b, “…a prudent wife is from the Lord.” We did not focus on marriage… Continue Reading “The Character of Prudence”

Queenly Character Series Begins Nov. 6th!

Good day, Kingdom Queens! This month, please mark two dates (or save them in your phones): November 6th and November 20th. November 6th: Begins our series on Queenly Character. 8PM Central. (218) 862-6400, code 6360503. [Note: If you enter the code too quickly, you… Continue Reading “Queenly Character Series Begins Nov. 6th!”

Announcing: A Kingdom Queens Prayer Call!

Please mark two dates: October 30th and November 6th. October 30th: Kingdom Queen Prayer Call TONIGHT, 8PM Central, (218) 862-6400, Code 6360503. Our focus is God’s women everywhere. November 6th: Begins the next teaching series on queenly character, 8PM Central (see dial-in information above.… Continue Reading “Announcing: A Kingdom Queens Prayer Call!”

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