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Abigail was a woman of good understanding and a beautiful countenance. She was more than a pretty face, but a true life saver. These teachings investigate deeply how God used her critical thinking skills to save her household and avert disaster through a broken man. Also we learn how her humility moved things quickly in this situation. Abigail was a true “first responder”.

David – A Man and A King

This series on David proved VERY interesting… There is a lot in the scripture if we will seek. I asked Abba to help us get into the mind of David when we see him in 1 Samuel 25, and He’s done just that. In… Continue Reading “David – A Man and A King”

Nabal: A Man of Belial

The link below opens a resource handout created for the 2nd month focus of Abigail’s Call, Nabal: A Man of Belial. It outlines for you the scripture references to a man/ son/ children/ daughter of Belial, the context, and the suggested nature of this… Continue Reading “Nabal: A Man of Belial”

A Queen in Covenant

In the second month of Abigail’s Call, we take what may look like a step back to address the two main men in her life. But, it is really a step IN-into better appreciating Abigail, the woman of good understanding, and her relationships with… Continue Reading “A Queen in Covenant”

The Manner of Holy Women

FROM THE INSIDE OUT ~ 1 Peter 3: 2-6 and 1 Samuel 25:3 Welcome, again, to the first month of our new series, Abigail’s Call. What we say comes from what fills our hearts. Esther taught us in the previous Queen Life series that our… Continue Reading “The Manner of Holy Women”

The Talk Test

A friend and “big sister” in ministry shared a principle with me that Abigail’s Call is already proving true: the teacher/preacher must pay for every word we share. We must live it. Experience it. Go “through” it. I extend this to all of us… Continue Reading “The Talk Test”

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