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Abigail was a woman of good understanding and a beautiful countenance. She was more than a pretty face, but a true life saver. These teachings investigate deeply how God used her critical thinking skills to save her household and avert disaster through a broken man. Also we learn how her humility moved things quickly in this situation. Abigail was a true “first responder”.

What to do When the Fool Won’t Die

The following are sermon notes from a message preached by my cousin Pastor Danyelle Scroggins, Co-Pastor of New Vessels Ministries in Mansfield, Louisiana. She preached this final message in her annual women’s conference. This year’s theme was “Women at the Well”. What an incredible…

Keeping up with Abigail.

Since completing the Abigail’s Call series, it dawned on me that there is more–much more– to consider about David. Don’t worry, that’s not the next study. I write to remind you of this lifestyle God calls us to via The Queen Life. Here are…

Abigail…and the logical lady

My thoughts turn toward self assessment before each Queen Life call. I think about how I am changing according to the Word. I consider my glaring weaknesses and sins (when and how I’ve missed the mark) in the light of this Word. Today, another…

Death by Humility (The Power of Intreating)

As I further explore Abigail’s words to David, I am more in awe of “the holy women of old who trusted God” (1 Peter 3:5). Abigail was not present when Nabal offended David. She had no direct knowledge of the incident, but was left…

Abigail’s Call: From Foundation to Transition

I’m excited to report that the foundation is set! Three months and seven calls later, we are now ready to appreciate Abigail’s words to David. Let’s trace our progress so far… We now understand the Way of Holy Women…pure lifestyle, godly fear, meek &…

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