~Abigail’s Call

Abigail’s Call was a time to search our hearts and allow God to deal with us about being not only beautiful, but discerning and useful in practical things. We talked about how we can snare ourselves to bad covenants and make bad deals that say with us a long time. We learned about the character of Nabal, and how to discern Nabal-like personalities. Also, God challenged us to greater levels of humility. Abigail’s Call shows us some things about the greatness of (and in) Abigail by a close-up view of the two troubled men in her life: Nabal and David. On the left menu, you will find the blogs that accompany these audio teachings. Please, take a read and take a listen. The Word of God will strengthen you in your personal pursuit of God.

From the Inside Out

Lord, Adorn My Heart

Nabal: A Man of Belial

The Influence of the Spirit of Belial

When Your “Voice” Leaves

Running For Your Life

The Power of Intreating, Pt. 1 (Extreme Humility) – COMING SOON!

The Power of Intreating, pt. 2

The Power of Intreating, pt. 3

The Power of Intreating, pt. 4

David’s Response, Pt. 1 -COMING SOON!

David’s Response, Pt. 2

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