Gratitude Reflections

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Coming to the end of a thing usually provokes reflection. I wish we took a bolder approach to reflection at a thing’s beginning, to give it the sober, deliberate, and personal attention we do at the end. Coming to the end of the calendar year provokes reflection. In the United States, we dedicate a day to remind us of our collective and individual blessings.

This entire calendar year has had me in my feelings and in desperate prayer and reflection. I have had to regularly pause and recognize how the Lord has blessed me. This last half of the year looks nothing like the first half, in many ways. It has been dramatic, and full of tested faith, pure joy, tenacity through fatigue, and full of ways to laugh through it if I paid attention.

Scripture shows a few purposes for thankfulness: to accompany prayers (Eph. 5:20, 1 Tim. 2:1), to let it shape perspective and lifestyle (Ps. 118:24, 1 Thess. 5:16-18), to appreciate others (Eph. 1:16), and as a posture of the heart (Ps. 100).

Thanksgiving is powerful. It is one’s way to certify the facts of life. Whatever the reasons — life, health, strength, financial savings, a great parking space, a light day at work, beautiful weather, safe travels, a wonderfully enriching conversation, getting to share God’s love with others — thanksgiving is not up for debate or argument. Thanksgiving is personal and public. It is one’s lived experience that is meant to be shared and to shape one for future days and experiences.

Make time to share your gratitude. What are your personal points of thanks? Why? What is the change / growth / progress you have seen? What blew your mind? How are you a better person? What deliverance can you point towards? What rescue? What prophecy? What victories? What overcoming?

My prayer is that wherever we are in the world and whatever our place in it, we can find things to be thankful for on purpose. We can approach gratitude reflections honestly and without fear. We can look back and see the fruit of our labor and the maturity of our souls. We are yet becoming, which is God’s gift of time and chance (Eccl. 9:11). Go on the journey of gratitude, Beloved. We deserve it for blooming through tough times, and learning to truly celebrate in good and peaceful times.


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