Is Raising the Dead Still an Option?

Blessings, Bereans.

I invited friends to join me for a discussion on raising the dead. Prophet Ericka Roberts and Pastor Marlon May were a blessing in the discussion of Scripture, related anecdotes, and personal conviction as we bravely considered the topic of raising the dead.

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THE BACK STORY — I attended a service where I knew the worship leader. She’s an awesome lady, pastor with her husband, and a wonderful guide into the Lord’s presence corporately. She received a text just after sound check that one of her members was rushed to the emergency room. She asked me to pray. When service began, she got my attention from the platform and mouthed to me, “He didn’t make it.” Then she beautifully yielded to the Lord and led us in worship.

When she asked me to pray, I did what many prayer people do: I arrived to this battle ready to fight. Instead, as soon as I called the man’s name before God, there was no battle. There was no fight. There was a victory. My prayer changed to celebration in intercession. I sensed that the man of God would prevail and be released to go home from the ER. Right….

Service now in full swing, a question came to me that would not let me go.

Did they try to raise him up?

After service, this wonderful woman and servant of the Lord left before I could ask her.

As a Bible teacher, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me because I felt like something needed to be done. Please note that Bible teachers tend to see a lesson in everything. It’s just a fact. (smile) The question above evolved into a practical question for bible study and discussion:

Is raising the dead still on the list of options with prayer, anointing with oil, binding and loosing?

THE LIVE CONVERSATION — The result is The Bereans’ Commentary Live Conversation: A Discussion on Raising the Dead with Prophet Ericka Roberts, Pastor Marlon May, and me, Dr. Shaunta Scroggins. We made no claims of expertise, but arrived studied and ready to share understanding and anecdotes to put raising the dead back on the list of possibilities. I pray the conversation is edifying to us all.

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