Rule Breakers Needed

A couple of things from the start —

  1. I’ve been reading another Mark Batterson book for morning devotions. The Grave Robber: How Jesus Can Make Your Impossible Possible
  2. There have been more than a couple of situations where I paid attention to my behavior — internal thoughts, external responses, and asking myself why. I am conducting some thorough self-assessments. That part isn’t new. What’s new is that I’m doing it with more grace and self-compassion than ever in my life.

Now, here it is. I decided that I need to break more rules. You read that right. First, let me offer a quote from the Batterson book in a chapter called The Rule Breaker.

History makers are rule breakers… There is a world of difference between following Jesus and following the rules. If you follow Jesus, you won’t break the law of God, but you will break the rules of men.

Mark Batterson

I started a business and am entertaining a growth opportunity . I had good momentum in the planning, then stopped when I realized the steps necessary for partnership with the agency. In the name of direction and clarity, I waited for a few weeks to read their information and submit questions. Get this — on the follow up call, I spoke to the director who could not answer the question that I stopped everything to get the answer to so I could proceed. His uncertainty turned into a tentative no; “We’ve not seen that happen before.” Seen what? My question. Right. I hung up with the director and had a revelation.



Of course, the answer is yes, but I suddenly became aware in a new way of how I get in my own way. I sought some quick wise counsel from a friend of 20+ years who said, “Well, at least we know that there is nothing in your way from starting. Get to work!”

The context of the Batterson chapter is John 5:10 where Jesus healed a man on the Sabbath. Pharisees were angered because the letter of the law was violated. What Jesus did, Batterson says, was keep the spirit of the law.

  • If you’re a red letter Christian, or recovering like me, where do you stand on following rules?
  • How harshly do you judge yourself (and others) when it looks to you that rules are being broken?
  • Are you seeing how you become less and less flexible to the point of rigidity?
  • Are there conditions on your liberty — your sense of freedom to choose and act, and trust God to order your steps?
  • Do you see yourself stalled and offering anxious prayers for divine guidance? Then realize you are not moving at all, not showing up for you or for the purpose God placed in you to complete? Plagued even by James 1:8?
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Y’all. I was bowled over at this revelation… and then immediately grateful. This was an answered prayer. I then felt empowered by this new knowledge. I now know why I need to maintain momentum. Getting the answer to a why while walking with the Lord is a big deal. Amen, somebody?!

Your turn. Take my experience as an exhortation to bravery. Keep going. Keep going. Break the man-made rules and trust and obey. Learn to self-assess in light — the light of God’s love, grace, and kindness. See the truth and love it. Lean into it, and embrace the adjustment.

Let’s tell our minds what the agenda is and get it done. Let’s be convinced by God’s amazing love that it’s not about our doing, but our doing is a response of obedience in joy. Just some thoughts. Feel free to comment and give us some other ways to move forward in faith and fruit bearing from renewed minds.

Love y’all for real. Selah.

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