Person of Peace

I was hundreds of miles from home on a trip with a good friend who just returned from two years on the mission field. She invited me to a retreat she found online. I agreed, unaware of what the Lord had in mind for me to experience. This was my first break in about three years, and the same for my friend. Both in need of rest for different reasons, we were grateful to stay in a beautiful place and hosted by sweet people, also missionaries.

Over a meal and some life-giving conversation, the husband of the host couple explains a term: Person of Peace. In missions, a person of peace is also known as a sponsor, someone who welcomes you and brings you into the environment as a safe place.

This struck me, so I wanted to have a record for us all. Note the references to “God of peace” in scripture (Rom. 15:33, 16:20; Phil. 4:9; 1 Thess. 5:23; Heb. 13:20). Our God is the God who gives, stands for, and comes in peace. This is powerful, for even if God comes in a way that we label strong, he can still come in peace. My point is that the nature of the Father is, among many things, peace-full.

How do we take on the nature of the Father as born again people? One way is to become, cultivate, and be people of peace. Be people who see peace as the goal and are willing to do the requisite work to achieve the peace. Be welcoming in our witness. Sponsor people in the faith.

Here’s a barrier to being people of peace: our perception of peace. Peace is not violins playing while everyone gathered has a happy face. Peace is not our feeling of comfort with a person or situation. Peace is also not biting our tongue for the sake of another’s comfort. I believe we make peace to be a soft skill when it is really a bold force.

Years ago Joyce Meyer said a powerful thing about Matthew 5:9 — blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God. She contrasted peace keepers and peace makers, and noted that the bible reads that the peace makers are blessed and identified with God. Wow, right? Peace is not keeping the peace. Peace is all about entering the chaos, disorder, and murkiness of life and being led by the Holy Spirit, contributing in ways the bring about a result that is peace. Being people of peace. Yes Lord!

Are you a person of peace? Am I a person of peace? Will we show up for the Kingdom’s cause as people of peace? There is more to explore here, so I hope we take advantage of opportunities to reflect and work into our values and renewed minds being people of peace.

2 Comments on “Person of Peace

  1. I want to see peace as the goal and I’m willing to do the requisite work to achieve the peace.

  2. The barrier of being the people of peace is our perception of peace. I can see that. Wow.
    So many times we can try to avoid conflict and chaos, but as peacemakers we are sent to chaotic, unsettled places to be led by the Holy Spirit; transforming it to God’s structure of peace. Wow.

    That statement of truth alone breaks down the barrier for me.

    Great post!

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