Looking for God all Year Long

Advent is that ‘waiting time’ when Christians make space to remember the story of God’s people waiting for God to come among them again.

Nick Baines, author of freedom is coming: from advent to epiphany with the prophet isaiah

No earthly season dictates when and how we look for God. Not spring, summer, winter, or fall. Not Christmas, Easter, or anything in between. We tend to attach feeling and memory to natural seasons, thus holding some seasons in higher regard than others.

This is to remind us to stay aware of our feelings and memories, and to beware of our attachments. Why? To seek God all year long. Immanuel means He is God with us, and this holds throughout our seasons, feelings, and memories. Let’s choose now.

Be it resolution or confession, let’s decide right now that the Father is the object of our search. That He is our choice regardless of feeling or memory. Let’s choose Him now. Right now. In our hesitation or fear, bravery and faith, let’s choose Him.

And when we choose Him, let’s choose to respect and honor the journey. The process. The path on the way to new revelations of Him. Right now, let’s decide to speak better about the path and in so doing honor the God of the path. Let’s suffer well and reign well. Let’s love what He loves and hate what He hates. Let’s choose His path.

A year is made up of months, weeks, and days. Days. One at a time. Each complete with mercy, overflowing with grace, and ready for a fresh set of choices. If we pace ourselves, I believe we will be alright.

Dr. Shaunta Scroggins is the founder of The Bereans’ Commentary.

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