Month: October 2020

From Concept to Reality

Faith. Fear. Love. Hate. Embracing. Separation. Confusion. Frustration. Anger. Revenge. Peace. Compromise. Wisdom. Choices. Bigger picture. Divine plan. Abraham. Isaac. Jacob. Jesus. Peter. Paul. James and John. Mary the mother. Mary Magdalene. Lydia. Deborah. Ruth. Adam. This is a reminder that the bible is… Continue Reading “From Concept to Reality”

Celebrating Birthdays

This may seem a strange topic, but I want to share how I prepare for my birthday. I am fortunate to have a birthday in the autumn season, which is my favorite season of the year. About a month out, I start studying for… Continue Reading “Celebrating Birthdays”

Grief and Grieving

I watched the funeral for His Grace Bishop J. Delano Ellis, II and marveled. I was sad, crying, and grateful. In the same week of his passing were the passing of Superintendent Eddie Whitelaw, husband of the incredible teacher/preacher Prophetess Sharon Seay Whitelaw, and… Continue Reading “Grief and Grieving”

Jesus Will Meet You

I so want to finish this title with “…in a mammogram,” but I don’t want to exclude the men. Brothers, it is safe to keep reading. I usually enter the changing room with a severe nervous stomach. My sister is a breast cancer survivor… Continue Reading “Jesus Will Meet You”

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