Faith Without Disclaimers

What would happen if we just believed? No props, no explanations (which are usually for others), and no disclaimers. No having to defend what the Holy Spirit revealed to us. No chance of not obeying God, even when counting the costs and assessing the trade-offs.

I don’t know that it would be ideal or amazing, but it would be something indeed if we just said what God said. The spirit of faith works in us like this: we believe, therefore we speak (See 2 Cor. 4:13 and Ps. 116:10). The Lord plants a seed, sparks a fire, or places some kind of inspiration in us. Inspired — breathed in to us. And then we either lean in and fight for it, flee from it, or stay in shock and do nothing. I hope everyone who ever reads this is a fighter… a real warrior… a trooper… a persevering, tenacious visionary who won’t give up.

What is a disclaimer? To me, it’s an excuse in advance to ward off criticism and make the issue at hand more palatable. Let’s consult Webster. Beware dear ones, this is loaded.

#1 A DISCLAIMER IS A DENIAL. Like, no, God didn’t say it. I didn’t really hear Him.

#2: A DISCLAIMER IS A DISAVOWAL. This is a refusal to accept or acknowledge, and to deny responsibility for. Wait — this is like saying, “Yes Lord, I heard you, but no.”

#3: A DISCLAIMER IS A NEGATION, A CONTRADICTION, AND A DISALLOWANCE. This is how we can tie God’s hands, when our will rejects or will not permit His will to be done in our lives. We won’t allow it. We create an opposite reality so we won’t have to use our faith. Yikes!

Are you nervous yet? I admit, this makes me a bit nervous for one big reason. A disclaimer comes from us! This is huge. In all my aware years, I felt forced to make disclaimers to appease a potential critic… to make peace with a possible misunderstanding. But potential and possible do not require a disclaimer. They do not make me go back on the word of the Lord.

I do it because I won’t just stand and believe. Whew! Have you ever talked yourself out of anything? I mean, and come up with all the reasons God picked the wrong person, or you are inadequate in some way? These are disclaimers. Can we agree to trash them — all the disclaimers? Can we agree to get over ourselves and believe God? Can we choose to live out our faith in godly accomplishment? I know we would be awesome, if we got going on the divine tasks.

Let the renewing of the mind continue. Let the mind of Christ completely take over. Let the new mind funnel faith into sight, so we can see the truth we really know — that God is always right. And that means He is right about us, our ability, and our capacity to be His version of amazing.

Now, forward. Selah, and love to all.

Dr. Shaunta Scroggins is the founder of The Bereans’ Commentary.

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