The Best Policy (go-to check)

From my point of view, the first step to living by faith is to recognize that God’s system is the best and to be willing to obey it.

Cash Luna, Author of Not By Sight (2018, p. 10)

This quote got me thinking… Pastor Cash Luna contrasted Adam’s (the human) system with God’s (the supernatural) system. When sick, we check our insurance and consult doctors. When in financial need, we check balances. We reach for natural solutions. (paraphrase, pp. 12-13)

Is the Father our first go-to all the time?

This is a simple and relevant question for us, disciples. Have we mastered going to God first? In need? In crisis? In joy? In celebration? In preparation? In faith?

Do we walk with the Lord and rely on His Word and promises? Do we humbly keep childlike hearts in His presence? Faith in our good Father makes us aware of our refuge in His name. We are safe in Him and with Him. He will never do us harm.

My pastor preached on grace once and defined it this way.

  • power of God
  • blessing of God
  • favor of God
  • ability of God
  • access to God and all that God has

Isn’t that good? The grace of God is manifold, according to 1 Peter 4:10 KJV. Manifold means diverse, many-sided, of various sorts, of various colors. Why do we seek to pin our great God to our natural mind, problems, and solutions. We cry, “Give us miracles” while we seek to solve our problems. Why do we want to predict God’s ways? To small Him down? No, not intentionally. I believe we want to understand Him, to have faith in Him, and to believe on His Word.

We have a saying in the Western world that “honesty is the best policy.” Pastor Cash Luna said that God’s system is best for believers in Jesus Christ. What do we say about our policy? Is our faith lived out through our reliance on God? Selah. I pray that when our next need arises, Holy Spirit prompts us with these thoughts and without hesitation we bring our humility and our need in faith to God.

Dr. Shaunta D. Scroggins is the lead contributor to the Bereans’ Commentary.

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