The Anonymous Blessing (#DearGiftedGirl)

Dear Gifted Girl, 

My prayer is that we learn contentment in our obedience, and hold steady. (I wanted to call this entry “Wait Your Turn.”)

The temptation of the current day culture is to be seen — to make ourselves visible, to market ourselves. I admit there is something in the cycle of achievement where we want our obedience fulfilled. We want to do what He called us to do. We want to see it bring what He promised into the lives of our audiences. 

This is a mixed blessing. 

golden_logoThere is the frustration of being capable while watching many with influence do nothing and say even less. We guard our hearts, and the deposits of God treasured there. We hear and see and write and dance. We put the time in to become skillful…and maybe I am alone in the thought that I have something worthwhile to contribute to the Body of Christ today (but I think some of you understand). 

We think we are ready. We sense we are about to soar, yet we remain at the windows watching other planes take off. I hope to encourage us. Two things are true.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Psalm 127:1a ESV

…as unknown, yet well-known… 2 Corinthians 6:9 ESV

One, we waste time when we build without the Lord, and when we refuse to allow His process to have a perfect workout in us. Why wait this long while building, build without Him, and find our efforts were in vain?

Two, it is good to be unknown. It is better to be revealed. Revelation is the nature and method of God. Until revealed, we learn His way, we listen for the plan, and we labor to deliver sound and solid  (whatever He gave each of us)  to the intended people. The ministers of God, as Paul describes our processes in 2 Corinthians 6, as like strangers and celebrities… as unknown, yet well-known. 

Let’s stay behind the curtain for as long as He allows. Let’s honor the anonymity and fall and fail privately. Let’s stay on the wheel and let Holy Spirit lead us through life and teach and heal us. Let’s not judge our unknown-ness prematurely; we remain well-known in Spirit.

Soon, our time will come. There’s something to be said for prepared, polished presentation. That’s the opportunity we have with anonymity. 

Be blessed, Gifted Girls… with love. 

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