Dream/Vision — Cracking Under Pressure

I do not presume to have the answer, but together we can assemble our pieces and rightly divide/discern Holy Spirit’s message to us. 

I had a dream/vision — it came in that hazy part of waking up where you’re still asleep.

I was standing in the rotunda of a capitol building… it looked like the U. S. Capitol building. I was not on a tour, but many tours were happening around me. People walked through from the House side to the Senate side, and vice versa. 

I looked up at the beautiful tiles. I stared…much like I did when I visited this summer. I noticed the dome was leaning. The foundation remained solid; there was no earthquake that moved the building. But the dome was leaning slowly. Those beautiful tiles started to crack and pop, and fell on the heads of the people. 

Visitors and guests shouted warnings to evacuate the building, to minimize the harm to people, and to block the dome off for repairs, but the tour guides continued. The staff workers continued. 

The dome leaned more, until it was angled, and then large chunks fell into the clusters of people. (I woke up fully at this point.)

Photo by Michael on Unsplash.com

SYMBOLS:  Capitol/Capital Building — natural government, spiritual government, abusive control, and corruption. Roof — covering, protection, mind, thought. [Note: I use the reference by Ira Milligan called Understanding the Dreams You Dream. There was no reference for dome, so I used roof.]INTERPRETATION NOTES:  Corrupt systems are top-heavy. The cracking and dismantling happened from the inside out, in big chunks. The dome leaned so far from center that the dismantling served as a pressure release. 

The US Capitol is a symbol of the seat of government in a nation. The dismantling is not just political; consider the seven mountains of influence in our interpretation effort. The “beautifully tiled” people who sit in lofty and powerful seats are under examination — government at various levels, arts & entertainment (include sports here), business, media, education, family, and religion. 

The biggest chunks are yet to fall. We should pray for the resolve of Nehemiah, to build again when the time comes and resist the distraction, seduction, and threat of Sanballat and Tobias. 

Selah. As we continue to pray, please share additional insight in the comments as Holy Spirit reveals

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