Dear Gifted Girl… ELEVATE.

Dear Gifted Girls,

It is time. Make a calculated move to go higher. We determine speed, so no one worry about “not having time” or “moving too fast,” especially if we claim to still be “waiting on God.”

It is time for the constructive use of our gifts toward the image God showed us. It is time to move another step — or, a few steps — closer. 

The time is come to diversify, to further our respective messages of reconciliation (See 2 Corinthians 5:19). Let’s look for those who are thirsty for the living waters of Jesus and touch them with our message. 

The old mantra “each one reach one” is true. It is time to raise up disciples who repay us in solid obedience to God’s Word and will. 

This is to encourage us to seek the Lord on how to elevate our platforms. We are reaching the saturation point of folly on social media, to the point that the GIFTED of GOD must push marketing plans in spades to get to the people we need. Think of the people we need to contact with our reconciling, reforming messages. How far do they have to go to get to us?! Kingdom messages are covered my miles of silly videos, mockings, political rants, and feel-good clips to keep the target audience from us. 

We must elevate. 


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Start with one. Simplify. Reproduce ourselves in ONE. Let the Word reveal the strategy and pray for God to use the good in us to compel men to Him. Let’s pray to be acutely aware of our witness. 

Elevate. Seek out the other options beyond the common platforms. Go NOW, and make a move to reach others… even if reaching them appears to delay us. If we incur more cost to reach those in need of our message, then so be it. Let’s be set back, and obey the Great Commission…because it always applies to what God gave us to do. 

Let’s wait on the Lord for something substantive — and then GO. TEACH. BAPTIZE. MAKE DISCIPLES. It is time to elevate our current platforms and become accountable to the work. 

It is time to do it like Jesus and watch the supernatural make up the difference in our respective works. Start the book club… or the crafts club… or the vision board classes. Host the home group… makeup, jewelry, décor, etc. Open the clothes closet. Guide a teen or young adult into the next workable phase of life and ministry service. Take the daily scripture we post on social media and learn how to start a group text… or get off of Facebook and try Instagram or Tumblr. 

Gifted Girls, keep planning, but elevate. Elevating our platforms makes us more accountable to discipline, to Holy Spirit for direction, and to those we serve and want to serve. Elevation means more visibility, yes, and also the consistent presentation of quality. 

The world’s methods may not be best for us to get our messages farther. It may be that we have to scale back to reach more. However He says, let’s be willing to do. 

Selah, and love to all of us five talent female servants. 

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