The Teddy Bear on the Line (reflection)

Loved ones, when you see the teddy bear on the line, stop, stand, see, and let the message of the moment come to you.

Do you know that feeling of shock-and-awe when a statement stands out, grabs your attention, and stops you in your tracks? Today I want to share a couple of statements from a book.

The Shape of Faith to Come by Brad J. Waggoner (© 2008)

Sadly, some of those who attend church will not grow spiritually no matter what leaders do. Some churches would survive the rapture predominately intact. (p. 293)

Photo by Luis Tosta on Unsplash

Please. Stop. Read these two sentences again. Wow, right?! I want to match an image with these statements, what it is like when a statement grabs us, resonates, and digs deeper.


Maybe the Lord designed life for things to get our attention. We like to say God sends bad things to get our attention….I’m not going there with this.

I want to encourage us to not rush past that awkwardly wonderful feeling of having our attention stolen and our gaze placed on what we need to see or hear in the moment. It is a bothersome thought, as a believer in Jesus Christ, that when we all receive the final summons, that some churches will incur few or no losses.

It is the kind of sobering thought that ends arguments and posturing about our interpretations of God and His activity in the earth. It is the jolting thought that positions us, if we let it, for real and effective ministry service.

WOW. Selah, and love to all.



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