Lord, be free to move me (reflection)

My pastor transitioned from lessons about the power, presence and person of Holy Ghost to the revival focus for next month. On being filled with the Holy Ghost, we tend to adopt the example of a cup or vessel being filled. If that is so, then Spirit-life in us is sedentary… still… inactive… dependent (and waiting) on us to move the vessel. In this discourse, he said something I want to share with you. 

Being filled with the Holy Ghost is more like a ship/boat with a sail full of wind. Our lives say to the Father, “Lord, be free to move me.” (paraphrased)

Pastor described how hard it is for one to be faithful in life and in ministry service without the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Photo by Stefan Gessert on Unsplash

Today, and going forward, I want us to receive a new image of Spirit-filled, Spirit-led living. It is the image of the God-breathed life that liberates us from the control and the weariness of works. Instead, we learn to go with God as He puts wind in our sails, pushes our boats, and guides our respective life journeys. 

Selah, and love to all. REIGN FREE in HIM. 

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