Pray to Interpret! (Daniel 5 Report)


Allow me to squash the thought that revelation is easy and informal, and that with revelation comes instant interpretation or ability to interpret. Proverbs 25:2 says, 

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing:

but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

Place your hand on your chest and say, “You have to seek out the matter.”

I want to share an experience I had this weekend in Hyattsville, Maryland. Elder Patricia Ivy invited me to serve in her conference themed “Wailing Women Another Level.” The Lord met us and helped us, touched and healed us, spoke and revealed to us, pushed and pulled us within our assigned spheres of prayer service. 

During the worship and prayer on the first night, I left my seat early in the first song to stand on the wall in the back of the room. Physically I was spent — early flight, long day, hurried preparation, and then service — but I wanted all I was supposed to receive in this night of worship and strategic prayer. I am glad the pressure headache, slightly blurred vision and physical fatigue did not stop me. I tried to let it fuel me in worship. 

Soon enough, I felt physically strong enough to give my best offerings of tears, praise, worship and prayer to our amazing Lord. And surprise! He spoke to me. I was still facing the wall during this powerful corporate worship. 

Our path is just one road on a much larger map. God will expand us. Public Domain Photo.

Isn’t is something special how Holy Spirit can speak a simple sentence, that opens up a new world and puts old questions to rest?

When I heard Him, I turned around and looked toward the platform. I saw a hand writing on the wall behind the worship singers, similar to what Belshezzar saw in Daniel 5:5. The king got scared and the king’s wise men, unable to read the writing or make known the interpretation, made the king even more afraid (vv. 8-9). BUT THE QUEEN entered the banquet hall and reminded the king to be at peace because “there is a man in your kingdom” with the insight of the gods and favored by your father Nebuchadnezzar (vv. 10-12).

The king sent for Daniel, who read the writing and gave interpretation. 

Here is what I saw the hand write — HEKE, HEKYL. I stood and cried. Then I texted a woman of God, a scholar, who directed my gaze. The Hebrew word HEKYAL means palace or temple. 

In a church literally named Goshen — the Lord opened my eyes to see that He moved us into His most holy place while we worshipped and praised. This was all I saw. I knew it was significant, but I had no immediate understanding. I just knew that the Lord wanted me to know this, based on what He told me before He opened my eyes. 

10 times we find HEKYAL in scripture to mean palace. 70 times we find HEKYAL in scripture to mean temple. [See search on here.]



The Father handpicks the experiences  He offers us. Photo by Riccardo Annandale.

I feel like there are several lessons to share and take with us on our Path to Reigning.


#1: EXPECT MORE FROM THE CORPORATE WORSHIP EXPERIENCE. Let’s purpose to give God the worship He deserves and desires. If we push past the fleshly inconveniences, then we can receive spiritual strength that manifests physcially to offer acceptable sacrifices of worship and praise. Hallelujah!

#2: PROPHETIC EXPANSION IS POSSIBLE DURING THE CORPORATE WORSHIP SET ON HONORING THE LORD. I heard a word for me before my eyes were opened to see the handwriting on the wall. The word opened the way, and when I turned around I had an immediate test. 

#3:REACH OUT TO TRUSTED RESOURCES WHEN GOD EXPOSES YOU TO A NEW EXPERIENCE IN HIM. Thank God for Dr. Cheryl Lewis, a seer and holy woman, for her quick response. I only read about the account in Daniel 5. This was my first exposure, and I reached out to a general. Let’s not let our ignorance keep us from powerful knowledge, revelation and wisdom to help us and the saints. 

#4: WE NEED TO RESPECT THE MYSTERIES OF GOD, AND SEEK HIM FOR MEANING. Listen Loved Ones, We are wrong to believe God will bring the revelation to us if our waiting does not include a seek. My experience was unique to me because I am not accustomed to a quick answer. I see weeks and months pass before the revelation of divine mysteries. Let’s get back to showing the Father our diligence to seek Him because of our steadfast love for Him. 

#5: CARRY THE REVELATION FORWARD. Remember, the Lord speaks to us and builds us line upon line, and precept upon precept (Isaiah 28:10). Here is how the New Living Translation (NLT) puts it — He tells us everything over and over—one line at a time, one line at a time, a little here, and a little there!” He tells us so that we come to brokenness and reliance on Him. 

I share this with you to encourage you to SEEK THE LORD in the UNUSUAL EXPERIENCES and NEW EXPOSURES He grants in His presence. Contrary to the current church myths, this is one verified way to identify God’s promotion. 

I share this as well to document the experience for the worship leader, Evangelist Teisha Wren, the event host, Elder Patricia Ivy, the location hosts and all the guests and participants in this conference. 

The Lord transformed the natural sanctuary where we lifted our offerings to Him.

He carried us into His palace, His temple,

where He sat enthroned as King.

Divine judgments were passed and carried out in His presence.

Divine exchanges made.

We tend to pass to casually by the mysteries of God, seeing and speaking in unknown tongues WITHOUT SEEKING THE INTERPRETATION. Take from this what you will, but take something good and seek the Lord. 

Selah, and with love sincerely.

One Comment on “Pray to Interpret! (Daniel 5 Report)

  1. This is truly and amaking testament of our God. It is a place of dominion that I desire to be intentional in. God is pouring and we have to be able to receive and accept what God is speaking and doing in this time…..Thank you

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