Stay on Course (#GiftedGirls #Q2)

Dear Gifted Girls,

The temptation to do good can also be a distraction from what is GOD. When it comes to our talents (See Matthew 25:14-28), opportunities to build, develop and multiply what He puts in our hands are always around.


Three months already gone this year, and I see the need for constant reflection about the present. The doctoral program is priority, yet the Lord continues to grant chances to minister to His people. It hit me a few times AFTER I booked my month into chaos that I have to even more carefully consider what chances to serve I accept.

How is it that giving attention to the talents He gives me is distracting from the greater purpose of completing and excelling in the doctoral program? Reading this, the answer is likely crystal clear to you. It is to me too….now. But while living it, I saw how clearly I divided myself.

By Paul Rysz


This quarter, well underway, finds me guarding my time, my energy, and my talents more closely than before. I learned to say no before I went back to school, but now it is as if I have so many chances to do what I want to do — the things that do not require focus or discipline — and what makes me feel good. Now I have to say no on another level, and from another place/condition of life.

Gifted Girls, look at this picture. We cannot drive in two directions…ever! We cannot go and come at the same time, yet we find ourselves “coming and going” (This is a common phrase in the Southern United States.). Driving in more than one lane has unsafe consequences.

Let’s stay the course. Let’s work the GOD task, and manage the good things with the wisdom of the Lord. Selah, and love to all.

One Comment on “Stay on Course (#GiftedGirls #Q2)

  1. This word was definitely for me! You can not go in two directions. With so many things to do it is hard for me at time to focus just on one assignment. This definitely makes me reconsider my busy schedule an prioritize what’s most important.

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