Jesus Fought the Bull (Holy Week reflection)

Holy Week is the sum of who we are, period. If we confess Jesus as Lord and Savior, then we find all of who we are in the events of Holy Week. On The Queen Life Facebook page I made note that there are many roles to play, many ways to see ourselves through the experiences of those who loved and walked with Jesus. It is true. 

We can wake up as either Mary, devoted with all our heart and constant in love and witness of the Lord’s truth. As the day goes on, we can weaken our resolve like Peter and warm ourselves from a distance… but even the mockers will tell we’ve been with God. Too much change has happened already. By evening, we may come to awareness like the Roman soldier who declared this was the Christ. The list goes on, and we are all of it. We are the living proof of Holy Week. 

Public Domain Image

Take a look at this photo. I mean no disrespect when I make the comparison. I consider how unwilling I am to step in this ring, in front of this audience, to what is sure to be my very quick demise. If this is the sacrifice for one — my sister, one of my parents, or a close friend — I may consider it. But for the world?! I don’t know all of y’all…. (Think about how you value the sacrifice you offer for others while you shake your head at me.)

[An important note is that you and I are not asked by the Father to die for all. That is not our purpose. It was though, the purpose of Jesus.]

Jesus fought the bull for us. He stepped into human judgments and wrath. He allowed Himself to be carried by evil intention into His destiny…on our behalf. He became the sacrifice for us. In other words, he got in the ring and fought the bull. He waved the “red flag” of His blood and in His death made a way of escape for us. 

No more walls. Partition gone. 

No more animal offerings. He was the Lamb slain. 

Everything changed. EVERYTHING.

And today, we benefit every day from His choice to FINISH the work. Holy Week reminds us how much we need Him, how much we should share His love and sacrifice to appease God’s wrath against us. Holy Week is the one time of year ALL THE BODY OF CHRIST unifies. 

We agree Jesus lived and died for all. We agree He is not dead today. We agree that His resurrection makes life eternal real for all who come to saving faith in Him. We acknowledge His blood’s provision of our new righteous garments.

We like to think we would fight the bull. We like to believe we could fight the bull. But no. The only One who would and DID, has done…. and that is how we should live. LIKE HE DID.

Amen, with love. 


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