True North (#discipleship)

***UPDATE: I’m done with school and now Dr. Scroggins. I’m sharing this post to remind us that we still have a compass for faith. We still have a true north. Enjoy.

You all know I am back in school, so on occasion I want to share some loaded statements from my textbooks.

Here is one from a  book called Mapping Out Curriculum in Your Church by James Estep, Roger White, and Karen Estep ((c) 2012).

“The Bible is not true north. God is true north. The Bible orients readers to true north from the standpoint of many different times, individuals, and situations” (p. 26).

This book uses the metaphor of mapping and map makers, also known as cartographers. The authors make the case that Christian Educators through curriculum development and selection, help create a path for the Christian’s journey to know God — to get to true north. 

It is thought-provoking because all people can use the Bible for many things.

  • We prove our point. 
  • We disprove their point. 
  • We create a new point. 
  • We point to old points. 
  • We repeat important points. 
  • We uncover hidden points. 

And so much more. It is sad to sincere, committed Christians how well used our map is without aligned intention or faith. 


I want us to take thought away from this entry. Do we point people to God’s Word without pointing them to God? The ultimate destination is to know God through the finished work of Jesus Christ. This happens through more than just the Word of God. Yet, once we come into saving faith and begin to walk as disciples and followers of Jesus, then the Bible gives us the how and a lot of times the when. The Bible also gives us the proof through other’s lives and situations that our best decision is to stick with Jesus as LORD and let His Spirit guide our lives in truth, to true north. 

This is just a reminder that 1) we cannot get to God except through Jesus Christ and 2) our God relationship goals are fellowship, communion, and wise living to witness His grace to others. 

Selah Beloved, and love to all. 

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